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Wednesday 14th of November 2018


pictureby Team n.b.

Here is the slideshow section of the Beatles CD/DVD+!
All the graphics that apply to that album are displayed and run automatically. This works on any system. Totally cross-platformed. Listen while the album cycles through the tunes while watching never-before seen photos! 

Up Close and Personal

by Team n.b.

pictureThe Buzz, Hub-Bub, The Nitty-Gritty. We got it all. Here’s an example how we ‘dress up the text’ without getting in the way of the information.
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Model / Talent Casting & Booking

picture• Schedule casting & secure bookings.

• Arrange for agencies to ship portfolios directly to you or have them available for your review upon your arrival.

• Provide composites before you arrive.

• Handle video casting for film & video 

Permits / Insurance

picture-2• Obtain the necessary permits to shoot.

• Provide on-location security and / or off-duty police which are, at times, required.

• Provide necessary liability insurances for crew, props and rental equipment.

• Provide permits and insurance for specialized locations.

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