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Wednesday 14th of November 2018

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The No’s Have It!

While we enjoy telling you about all the great things Nunayer Business offers. Well, the truth is that we’ve left out a lot. So, to ensure that you are in the “No”…

PostCards – Cleveland


Formerly a victim of the rust belt blues, Cleveland’s on a roll. It now bills itself as “the remake on the lake.” The evidence? An arts resurgence — a recent French masterworks exhibit visited Cleveland first, New York second. Expanded shopping. Excellent dining — hearty German fare still abounds, but now Cleveland has outposts of nouvelle cuisine. A beboppin’ night life (Cleveland’s the future home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) and bars where fans can toast their faves with hundreds of different kinds of beer. But, most importantly, Cleveland has rediscovered its pride. Natives can now claim their city is a lot more than “the walleye fishing capital of America.”

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PostCards – Cincinatti


Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati was described by Churchill as “the most beautiful inland city in America.” Winnie was right. Although on the small side, Cincinnati is vibrant, safe, and beautiful. With wide streets, striking early 20th-century architecture (Carew Tower rivals the Empire State Building as a design achievement), and more Mobil four- and five-star eateries per capita than any city except San Francisco. Cincinnati likes pedestrians, with Fountain Square a top spot for relaxing and people-watching after a lunch at Skyline Chili (there’s none better). And there’s a sixteen-block skywalk linking shops, hotels, even a museum. Cincinnati’s biggest problem — it’s hard to spell.

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Postcards – Chicago

It’s Frank Sinatra’s kind of town. It’s also home base to millions of fiercely loyal Chicagoans devoted to a brawny mix of city life at its best (top drawer cultural attractions, super shopping, a terrific night life) and the breezy informality of down-to-earth mid-western living. It’s a sports town, a smoky jazz town, an ethnic town (if it’s made in America, you can eat it in Chicago), a family town, a political town (Chicagoans vote early and often), and yes, a windy town. From atop the Sears Tower (the USA’s tallest building), gazing out at toddlin’, tough-but-tender Chicago, one cannot help but be impressed. Chicago is America.

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PostCards – Boston

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To those who don’t know Boston well, it’s a city of the past, a place to reacquaint oneself with America’s origins and18th century charm. To those who do know Boston well, it’s America’s grandest survivor, a city enjoying an eighties boom after decades of bust. Boston now boasts a liveability that’s an addictive mix of European sophistication and New England savvy. Boston’s big drawback? Its winter cold. But both natives and transplants have discovered that even on the dreariest February day the cold Boston air carries the unmistakable sting of intelligence.

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PostCards – Baltimore

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Baltimore’s no Boston, however — its more funky, live-it-up spirit is reflected in the smiling faces of locals eating crabcakes while strolling through the spectacular Inner Harbor complex. The search for solutions to perplexing urban problems often leads city planners to B’more, where, somehow, everybody got it right.

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