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Thursday 15th of November 2018

Show Biz Glossary – letter – R


AKA: Restricted
A certificate issued by the MPAA indicating that persons under the age of 16 would only be admitted when accompanied by an adult. The age was later raised to under 17 years old, and varies in some jurisdictions. See also NC-17, PG-13.

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Re-recording Mixer

A member of the sound crew responsible for mixing the final sound elements (dialogue, music, sound effects and foley). In most feature films and some television shows there is a crew of three re-recording mixers (one for dialog, one for sound effects and foley and one for music.) Sometimes in television the music mixer mixes the foley for expediency. There are also two-person crews in which the dialog mixer (generally considered the lead mixer) mixes music as well, with the other person mixing sound effects andfoley.


A strip of film wound on a metal wheel. Typical reels hold 15-25 minutes of film. See also reel change.


AKA: Released
When a movie is shipped to exhibitors by the distributor, it is deemed to have been released for public viewing – there are no longer any studiorestrictions on who can see the movie.

Reverse Shot

AKA: Reverse Angle
shot taken at a 120-180 degree angle from the preceding shot. When used in dialogue scenes, reverse-shot editing usually alternates between over-the-shoulder shots that show each character speaking. See alsoshot/reverse shot.

Room Tone

Different sets and locations have different audio characteristics. A sound recordist will typically make a recording of the natural ambient “silence” in a set/location for the sound editor, who will use it as a reference point, or for when silence is required.

Fictional Movie(s): Living in Oblivion (1995)


AKA: Rotoscope
An animation technique in which images of live action are traced, either manually or automatically. See also motion capture.


See dailies.

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