Thursday 15th of November 2018

What You Are Worth.

by Myron KoRnbLitT

An employee of a paper mill company, tired of hearing men boast of their importance, dug up the fact that, according to scientific investigation, the ingredients of a man, plus water, are as follows:

Fat enough for seven bars of soap.
Iron enough for a medium sized nail.
Sugar enough to fill a shaker.
Lime enough to whitewash a chicken coop.
Phosphorous enough to make 2200 match tips.
Magnesia enough for a dose of magnesia.
Potassium enough to explode a toy cannon.
Sulphur enough to rid a dog of fleas.
This whole collection is worth 98 cents, and that in a day when things are three times as high as they used to be. 

© 2016