Thursday 15th of November 2018



• We arrange all Camera Equipment rentals & purchases.

• Provide Equipment delivery & pick-up

• Handle Equipment Purchases & Shipping

• Provide equipment and shipping to locations without local equipment rental facilities. 



• Location files are provided on request.

• Client is responsible for all shipping charges and must return files to production.

• Arrange custom location scouting sessions anywhere in the world.

• We provide a network of location contacts who can assist you with special needs such as private homes, interiors or unusual places 

Car & Van Rental


• Cars, vans & SUV’s in all sizes and classes at the best possible rates or through deals we’ve established with various national car rental companies.

• 15 passenger vans available, with or without drivers. 

The Timetables

An Interactive Multi-Media Program

The Product

The program is a visually sophisticated database which allows access to 7000 years of history illustrated with over 3 gigs of pictures! The available information begins as text on screen and allows the browser to move to specific images that detail and re-create the year or period of interest. However, the best description is a demonstration.

Please do not read further until you have seen what is being offered.

PostCards – Cincinatti


Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati was described by Churchill as “the most beautiful inland city in America.” Winnie was right. Although on the small side, Cincinnati is vibrant, safe, and beautiful. With wide streets, striking early 20th-century architecture (Carew Tower rivals the Empire State Building as a design achievement), and more Mobil four- and five-star eateries per capita than any city except San Francisco. Cincinnati likes pedestrians, with Fountain Square a top spot for relaxing and people-watching after a lunch at Skyline Chili (there’s none better). And there’s a sixteen-block skywalk linking shops, hotels, even a museum. Cincinnati’s biggest problem — it’s hard to spell.

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